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Cynthia Wyszynski

My Friend Bob

by Cynthia Wyszynski

My friend Bob

Does silly things,

Like run in circles

And wear ten rings.

He’s frisky as a kitten,

He’s goofy as a clown.

And his mom’s always saying,

“Bob, settle down!”

But I love Bob

‘Cause he makes me laugh.

At all the parties

He creates a big splash.

As zany and silly

As Bob may be,

I’m so very glad

He’s a friend to me!

The Chicken Dance

by Cynthia Wyszynski

Three little chickens

Dancing in the spring morn.

A fourth played the flute

And a fifth played the horn.

When the flowers bloom

Chicks love to play,

And they sing their song

Through the whole long day.

The pigs didn’t like

The chickens having fun,

Until the chicks said, “Come on,

Dancing is for everyone!”

So now a pig on the fiddle

Joins the flute and the horn

And everyone dances

In the bright spring morn!

The Dancing Swede

by Cynthia Wyszynski

There once was a Swede

Who could dance ‘til three.

He hopped and bopped

To every beat.

He could dance a waltz

And he could dance to swing.

Once I even saw him

Dance a jig!

The girls all loved him,

But they couldn’t keep up.

His dancing feet just

Would not stop!

So the Swede kept dancing

‘Til three (sometimes four)

While the girls curled up

On the old dance floor.

Oh! How I wish I could

Dance like the Swede,

And stay up every night

‘Til well past three!